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    1. 一中心—探索中心:它以“探索、發現、收獲、分享”為主題,在270平方米的空間內設有山地賽車、花山謎窟、魔力影子墻、3D拍照墻、投擲小英雄、數字哈哈鏡六大游樂項目,運用豐富的技術手段結合本土的自然人文特色,打造黃山市首個融合參與性、知識性、趣味性于一體的室內互動體驗樂園??萍?游戲,寓教于樂。

      A center of Exploration Center: the exploration, discovery, harvest, sharing "as the theme, in the 270 square meters of space inside the mountain car, huashanmiku, magic shadow wall, 3D photo wall, throwing the little hero, six rides digital mirror, the use of technical means to combine the local rich natural and cultural the characteristics, Huangshan City to build the first fusion in indoor interaction in one, knowledge and fun experience the park. Science and technology + games, edutainment.