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    1. 一個夢—夢立方,9分鐘縱覽黃山:在現代黃山展區,依據該建筑空間高大的特點,因地制宜、創新地建造了目前國內唯一的CAVE720度全景體驗劇場—夢立方。在11m x 11m x 11m LED矩陣式六面體沉浸式體驗空間內,站立于距地面2.4米的高懸浮廊橋上,觀眾可觀看全景CG超高清影片《夢幻黃山 禮儀徽州》。通過9分鐘的影片,讓觀眾有一種跨越時空、震撼體驗黃山市自然、人文另類角度之美的視聽感官體驗,對黃山旅游心生向往;既能讓觀眾換個角度看黃山,體驗平時無法看到的景致,彌補心中的遺憾,又能讓觀眾回味和思考徽州深厚獨特的人文內涵。

      A dream - the dream cube, 9 minutes in Mount Huangshan: in the modern Mount Huangshan area, according to the characteristics of the tall building space, local conditions, innovative building is currently the only CAVE720 degree panoramic experience theater dream cube. In the 11m x 11m x 11m LED matrix type hexahedron immersion space, standing high suspension bridge 2.4 meters from the ground up, the audience can see the panoramic CG Ultra HD film "dream of Huizhou" Mount Huangshan etiquette. The 9 minute film, let the audience have a shocking experience across time and space, Huangshan City natural and cultural perspective of the beauty of the offbeat audio-visual senses of Mount Huangshan tourism, a sense of longing; not only can let the audience see Mount Huangshan from another angle, experience usually can not see the scenery, make up for the regret in the heart, and let the audience aftertaste and Huizhou unique cultural connotation of profound thinking.