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    1. 一條街—《無徽不成鎮》,穿越古今的人文之旅:“無徽不成鎮”曾是長江中下游地域廣泛流傳的一句諺語,這里的“徽”是指“徽商”?;丈淌侵袊髑鍟r期最杰出的商幫,在明中葉至清中葉的三百余年間,引領中國商業經濟潮流。它以亦賈亦儒的文化自覺,從眾多的商幫集團中脫穎而出;它通過商業貿易活動,對城市、集鎮的形成、建設和發展起到了重要作用,并以巨大的物質財富,塑造了明清時期江南市鎮的繁榮,為中國開啟了一縷現代文明的曙光。在人文黃山展區,將三百一十套寫實角色、約五萬張手繪動畫合成一部41米的大型手繪角色動畫長卷影片,用鬼市、迎親、唱戲、買賣、舞龍燈等畫面,描繪了清末民初時期徽州社會各階層的一天生活,反映了當時徽州商街的市井和商業貿易的繁榮景象,體現了徽州經濟文化的獨特魅力,彰顯了徽州歷史的淵源流長與博大精深,謳歌了徽州在商業、醫學、戲劇、教育等諸多方面的影響與貢獻,參觀者可以沉浸式地體驗徽州商業文化、市井生活、民風民俗等,用6分鐘時間穿越古今,游歷百年商街,盡覽人間百態。

      A street - "no badge is not a town", through the ancient and modern humanistic journey: "no emblem, no town" was once widely circulated in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River region, a proverb, "Hui" means "Huizhou merchants"". Is the most outstanding China merchants in the Ming and Qing Dynasties merchants in the Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, in the middle of the leaf more than 300 years, leading China commercial economic trend. It is also based on the cultural consciousness of Jia Yiru, from the numerous commercial group in talent shows itself through trade and commerce; it, on city and town construction, the formation and development has played an important role, and with great material wealth, created in Jiangnan during the Ming and Qing Dynasties prosperity, opened a wisp of modern civilization for China. In the humanities Mount Huangshan exhibition, three hundred and ten sets of realistic role, about fifty thousand hand drawn animation synthesis of 41 meters large painted scroll with character animation film, ghost city, wedding, singing, sale, dragon dance and other images, depicting a day in the life of late Qing Dynasty, Huizhou, all sectors of society, reflecting the Huizhou commercial street the civic and commercial prosperity, embodies the unique charm of Huizhou economy and culture, highlighting the historical origins of Huizhou long and broad and profound, eulogize the influence and contribution of Huizhou in business, medicine, drama, education and other aspects, visitors can immersive experience Huizhou commercial culture, urban life, folk customs etc. in 6 minutes, traveling through the ancient and modern, hundred years of business street, overlooking the vicissitudes of life.