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    1. 一幅畫—序廳動態畫,大師畫中的夢幻黃山:在序廳,以傳承和創新的思路,結合CG動畫技術將黃山畫派最具代表性人物漸江、梅清、石濤三位大師深藏于故宮博物院的數十件小幅原作進行再次創作,讓原本靜態的山水人物水墨畫動態化,在16.8米×5.5米的超大LED屏上播映,第一次完整地將黃山畫派大師的作品呈現在銀屏之上,引導參觀者循著大師的視角來領略黃山的雄奇壯美,通過現代科技手段來品味傳統藝術的精妙絕倫。

      A painting - painting painting master dynamic hall, Mount Huangshan dream: in the hall, to inherit and innovative ideas, combining the CG animation technology will be the most representative figure of Mount Huangshan school, Jiang Mei Qing, Shi Tao three masters buried in the Imperial Palace Museum of dozens of pieces of small original re creation, so that the original static ink landscape figures painting dynamic, broadcast in the large LED screen 16.8 meters by 5.5 meters, the first time to complete the Mount Huangshan school masters appear in the screen above, guide visitors to follow master perspective to appreciate Mount Huangshan's magnificent, through modern means of science and technology to the traditional art taste exquisite beyond compare.